Where is your Life on a scale of One to Ten?
... if Ten means you have everything you want, and One means you're looking for a cliff to jump off...?
What do you really want?

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Self-Actualisation Learning Technology ('SALT') is an innovative system; a way of looking at, and living life that allows you to navigate the world of learned emotions and helps you recapture the sensational states of Trust, Fun, Unconditional Love and Appreciation - states we are all born into, but lose touch with as society enculturates us as we grow up

Based on curiosity and non-judgmental awareness, Self-Actualisation Learning Technology can help you lead the life you really want to; a Magnificent life, that gives you, and everyone around you, the chance for greater Happiness and Fulfillment than you've ever known.

 Curious? Great! Sceptical? Excellent!

Sceptical individuals often find the most benefit from our workshops and coaching.

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We're not going to get Peace on the planet by going to war and carrying on the way we've been going....But - if we can get more and more people Happy - even just one person at a time, we just might have a shot at World Peace!

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